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Fleet/Commercial Services

Business fleets of any size can be serviced at your location. We will come to you before, during or after your business hours. We can also help you track your vehicle usage over time and will schedule our fleet services accordingly. You can then focus on the business of making money, as we will keep track of fleet maintenance for you. Result: No more wasted employee time or wages while they take your company vehicles to a service location. No more down time for company vehicles while they're being taken and serviced off-site, and no lost billable revenue!

Better service then a shop, we get you back on the road ASAP.We supply all company drivers with a fleet service card that has a 24 hour service number, your drivers will have access to our services anytime of the day. If a driver breaks down he simply have to call the number provided and a truck will be dispatch to his location. We also offer a convenient 26 day billing cycle.

Getting Started

Fleet-Image-1Getting started is the easy part; simply provide us with the information listed below and we will contact you to schedule an appointment. We will perform a complimentary vehicle inspection and report to your fleet manager our findings. This will give you the general condition of your vehicle and help you in the planning of future services and repairs that may be needed. This will also give our staff the ability to get to know your vehicle and how it is used in your business. This way we will have the ability to make recommendations to keep your fleet performing at its best. We realize many fleets may have specific needs. Our staff will be happy to assist in this manner if possible.
Information Needed:

  • A list of vehicles that are on the plan, including tag numbers and any ID numbers you may use and a list of drivers.
  • The billing address with special instructions such as purchase order numbers, marked attention to, etc.
  • Payment method: business credit card, business check or accounts payable (a completed credit application with prior approval will be needed)
  • Name and phone number of individual responsible for authorizing estimates and repairs.
  • Past vehicle history (when possible) and each vehicles' intended use. This will help our staff service your fleet better and make recommendations in the future.

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